Our commitment to

Health & Safety

Action Beyond Protocol

Safety, First and Foremost

We are committed to helping our employees and contractors stay safe and healthy. Everything we do depends on the safety of our operations, our people and communities around us.

We believe: All Incidents are preventable; Everyone is responsible for oilfield safety; HSE performance is measured and managed; Management is committed to safety; The company always complies with rules and regulations.

Across our operations we want a work environment in which safety is deeply embedded in our culture. This is guided by our long-standing principle that “our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.” We consistently train our workforce; and our employees and contractors are empowered with the authority and responsibility to stop work if they believe conditions are unsafe.

Employee Adoption

White Tail Automation employees recognize the industry we serve is inherently hazardous. That is why all employees follow safety protocols, not just because they are told to, but because they believe in the value it provides to them and their families. At White Tail Automation we define safety as: “How everyone acts when nobody’s watching.” We have focused our safety program on employee adoption and we are fortunate to have a team of employees who are committed to safety and observe compliance with protocols and procedures.

We have also developed an intranet sharepoint which contains all safety related information including; documents, manuals, policies, procedures and incident reports, which is accessible to all employees. White Tail Automation’s safety manual is available to interested customers upon request, by contacting their White Tail Automation representative or project manager.

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