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How do we define our safety program – It is how everyone acts when no one is watching! We offer a safety program that is well developed and continuously improving. At White Tail Automation, we are committed to safety for not only ourselves but, our clients, the public and environment.

Action Beyond Protocol

We offer a safety program that is well developed, and continuously improving. Safety is an integral part of our core. We offer dedication to absolute safety, even in remote or challenging locations. Our biggest asset is our people and our management team is committed to providing the resources required to ensure our workers return home safe.

GlobalFlow Certificate of Recognition, health and safety policy

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

White Tail Automation has achieved its high safety performance through a comprehensive approach that encompasses everything from encouraging employee acceptance to specific procedures. We hold our provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR), which is an externally audited acknowledgement that states a company maintains comprehensive safety systems covering all aspects of its business.

The COR’s associated protocols form the foundation for White Tail Automation’s safety manual, and we have developed our safety manual to meet and exceed those requirements. Developing the manual included identifying all hazards our employees might encounter, and then creating practices, policies and instructions to prevent those hazards from creating harm to our employees and others present at our work sites.

Employee Adoption

White Tail Automation employees recognize the industry we serve is inherently hazardous. That is why all employees follow safety protocols, not just because they are told to, but because they believe in the value it provides to them and their families. At White Tail Automation we define safety as: “How everyone acts when nobody’s watching.” We have focused our safety program on employee adoption and we are fortunate to have a team of employees who are committed to safety and observe compliance with protocols and procedures.

We have also developed an intranet sharepoint which contains all safety related information including; documents, manuals, policies, procedures and incident reports, which is accessible to all employees. White Tail Automation’s safety manual is available to interested customers upon request, by contacting their White Tail Automation representative or project manager.

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We focus on service, safety, quality and getting the details right.

Certifications & Associations

Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) For Safety System

Most recent external audit was in summer 2016.

ISNetworld Compliance

Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)

Certified quality control program for the construction, repair and alteration of pressure vessels.

ComplyWorks - Compliance Management

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