Travis Hunter of WTA

2.5 day trip out of Point Loma in San Diego on the Sea Adventure 80 boat. Went with my wife, Patrick Lujan and his wife Nicole. We fished for Bluefin day and night, Kindra and I had some bites but ended up losing them. It was after supper on the last night that I finally brought one in (75lbs) with the help of deckhands because there were 2 or 3 other people’s lines tangled with mine. An hour later the Captain tied a new type of Jig onto Kindra’s line “Rip Roller” and schooled her in his technique. Shortly after she snagged the big one at about midnight then fought that sucker for an hour and finally brought it in, the only help she needed was handing the rod off while they brought the fish around the front of the boat in the water so the line didn’t snap. 1am the boat celebrated w/ beers on her huge trophy fish (150lbs)!

Got to the dock the next morning and unloaded the fish, filled out our order with the processors and they’ll ship us our meat ASAP